An Example of How NOT to Promote Your Social Media Presence!

14 Mar

I’m going to keep this one relatively short! I spotted this whilst having a meal at a restaurant (whose identity will remain anonymous, but there’s no prizes for guessing where it was), yesterday evening:

When I first saw this, the first thing that sprung to mind was:
What’s your Twitter and Facebook username? You’ve got plenty of space to include it on the board, so why haven’t you?!?’

How many customers will love this restaurant enough to Google them, and sift through all the searches to find them? Some may, but most won’t! And bearing in mind this is a restaurant which is part of a national chain, it may take a bit of time to sift through if each restaurant controls its’ own social media presence.

As a social media consultant, I was curious to see if their online presence was as lacklustre as their offline marketing, and to cut a long story short, yes it was!

The restaurants Facebook and Twitter accounts haven’t been updated since 6th January 2012 (which is over 3 months ago), prior to which they last sent messages in the middle of December 2011!

The use of social media by this particular restaurant is a fine example of how NOT to do it.

There could be a number of reasons for the poor marketing and upkeep of their social media profiles. It could be that they don’t have enough time to update it, or it could be that there’s been a change in management, and the new manager isn’t too bothered about social media!

Whatever the reason may be, the golden rule of having a social media presence is this: Update it regularly, especially if you are actively promoting people to follow you!

What is the point of asking people to follow you if you don’t ever update your statuses/messages?

Have you ever experienced any social media fails? If so, how bad were they?


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