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Social Media Training and Workshops

I often meet people that have been sent to an event by their company to learn more about social media.  What usually happens is this person comes to the event, takes copious notes, then goes back to the office and tries to explain and decipher the notes to the social media team, in the hopes that the team will be better equipped to handle its social media efforts moving forward.  The costs to the company for ONE employee to attend a solid social media conference could be at least £500 to £1,000 and could easily balloon to a few thousand pounds for the more expensive conferences. Plus the employee will miss 2-4 days of work, putting the whole team behind.


For about the same costs to send one employee to a social media conference, this company could have hired me to speak directly to its social media team.  This would have allowed this company to not only have a curriculum of social media content targeted to its EXACT NEEDS, but I could have taught up to 10 employees per workshop!

So you could either spend a few thousand to send ONE employee to a social media conference where half the sessions won’t help you, or you could spend the same amount to hire me to speak to up to 10 of your employees on content that is targeted to your exact social media needs.  Additionally, I can work with each of your employees to help them with individual issues they have concerning understanding and executing social media strategies for their company.

The improvements in effectiveness and efficiency that your team will enjoy from my social media training make the cost a bargain which will easily pay for itself.  Here’s what one of my recent training clients have said about the time I spent with them:

“Kunal came and gave a very detailed social media presentation to us today which has opened up a multitude of opportunities for us within our industry sector. His presentation was clear and concise and very relevant to our business and he had clearly ‘done his homework’ about us beforehand. We will have him back to undertake some ‘refresher’ training on regular intervals to see if we are missing any further opportunities and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others” – Tony Clampin, Business Development at Bibby Financial Services

So What Type of Social Media Training Do I Provide?

That really depends on your company’s exact needs.  I don’t sell you a ‘set programme’, you tell me the exact areas you need help with, then we decide together what I should cover.  Here’s some examples of possible areas you may need help with:

– Creating a strategy to drive your efforts
– Measuring your existing efforts to better gauge effectiveness
– Building engagement and interaction with customers via social media
– Content creation
– Using social media to drive sales
– Using social media to build awareness of your company

The topics covered can be tool-specific (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc) or concept-specific (How do we improve our measurement, how do we get more comments on our blog, etc).  The length of the training can be as short as 1-hour, or as long as 2-days.  Additionally, half and full-day training sessions are available.  The content covered and the length of the sessions will be completely tailored to your needs, and discounts are available for full-day workshops.

If you would like to learn more about how you could hire me to provide custom social media training for your company or organization, please email me.


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